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Viagra is used to treat impotence in men. Viagra increases the body's ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. Viagra does not protect you from getting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Under normal circumstances, ejaculation occurs as a result of a process that can be divided into three stages:
1. A man is sexually excited.
2. In response to stimulation penis eregiruet.
3. Stimulation of the penis leading to ejaculation.

Sounds simple enough, but in the life of the second paragraph is not always satisfied, and therefore before ejaculation is not reached. Why? For the answer to this question will have to go a little further into the anatomy and the actual process of erection.

Typically, movement of any part of the body, we use a muscle. Acts is this: we are thinking of going, the muscles contract, part of the body is moving. But with the penis, things are different. During erection not used muscles, and blood pressure.

The easiest way to compare an erection to the process of pumping air into the balloon. Only, instead of a ball in this case will cavernous body but instead of air - blood.

Adjustable erection arteries and veins. First fill the erectile tissues with blood, and the second - the blood withdrawn from them. While there is no erection - narrowed arteries and the veins are working on the outflow of blood, not allowing it to build up in the penis. But once a man is excited - the artery open, allowing blood to fill cavernous bodies. This leads to an erection.

If the arteries do not open properly - erection will not. This - the main cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). To solve this problem it is necessary to open the artery.

When you have erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, you have a problem getting or maintaining an erection long enough for sex. ED happens when not enough blood flows to your penis when you are sexually stimulated. ED may not be the same for all men. Some men are not able to get an erection at all. Some men can get an erection, but it's not hard enough for sex, and other men get a firm erection but lose it before or Viagra online.

Erectile Dysfunction Alternative Treatments (Viagra pills)

What you should know before you order Viagra online

As mentioned, the use of Viagra (request) be careful. Viagra can not simply be taken by everyone. The reason of this is in the Operating the active ingredients of this medicine: Sildenafil. Anyone planning to order Viagra online, Sildenafil should know what is and what dangers can hide.

The operation of Sildenafil

When Sildenafil is absorbed through the stomach wall in your blood, it prevents the breakdown of vasodilating substances produced by the body during sexual stimulation. This helps to keep these substances in the body longer in greater concentration. And then also in the penis and erectile tissue of the penis. The more blood there in the erectile tissue of the penis, it will become steeper. Viagra only works when you're excited. So it is not a sexual stimulant that you can order online easily.

When not to order Viagra online?

The use of Viagra is not recommended in some cases. We give you a few examples:

When you have severe heart or liver problems
Recently, after a heart attack or stroke
In case of ulcer
If s sickle cell anemia
When you use drugs, in which there are nitrates. In combination with sildenafil, it can seriously lower your blood pressure
In combination with drugs that release nitric oxide. This can also cause a severe reduction in blood pressure.

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Electromyography penis method of diagnosis of neurogenic erectile dysfunction. Held in conjunction with intracavernous pharmacological tests using surface or needle electrodes. Evaluation criteria innervation of the penis are the amplitude, frequency, form and timing of recorded potentials. Normally, the amplitude and frequency Viagra no prescriptionsynchronous potentials decrease with the growth of tumescence, at the height of erection registrireetsya isoelectric silence. Examination of the patient with erectile dysfunction should be conducted in collaboration with specialists from related Viagra no prescriptiondisciplines neuropsychiatrist, neurologist, endocrinologist and, if necessary, to include viagra online additional studies (eg, degenerative diseases of the spine radiographs and magnetic resonance imaging of the spine).

Anamnestic indications of injury or pelvis and perineum are an indication for magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvic floor and the penis (diagnosis of structural damage, local fibrosis). Impotence treatment should be etiopathogenetic.

  1. Causal treatment involves treatment of diseases that give rise to erectile disorders such as diabetes, degenerative spine disease, hyperprolactinemia, neuroses. Impotence treatments can be as conservative or operative.
  2. For long-term course of medical treatment for erectile dysfunction use adaptogens and biogenic stimulators (extracts and tinctures of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, devil, Aralia, Pantocrinum) angioprotektory, antiplatelet drugs, vasodilators, alpha blockers, antioxidants, drugs based on plant derivatives in combination with physiotherapy sildenafil online techniques aimed at stimulating circulation.

Course therapy above drugs aimed at stabilizing the vascular tone, increase elasticity of the vascular wall and is effective in compensated forms vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. In the treatment of neurogenic erectile dysfunction used neostigmine, duplex, B vitamins, exposure methods of physiotherapy. Hormonal therapy is conducted strictly on the evidence depending on the nature of endocrine Viagra no prescriptiondisorders. When androgen deficiency apply testosterone derivatives.Therefore, you will not even Cialis online think about not have an erection, but only enjoy yourself process. Massage stopnye secret that human foot is a wide variety of points, including the people who are responsible for sexual arousal. In order to stimulate them and simultaneously strengthen erections regularly enough to walk home barefoot on the carpet. And of course, the perfect option to ask your partner to massage feet just before sex. Douches viagra online has long been proven that regular douche is a great training vessels and improves blood circulation in the body. To enhance erection recommended to take a daily douche, douche starting pelvic cool water first, and then switch the water to warm mode. Thus, after a contrast shower you will only be pounded towel and blood flow in the right place will be provided. Regular sex Regular sex produces a kind of reflex to keep acquiring fun, so the more you have sex, the stronger your male health.

Sildenafil- Brand and Generic pills online

A special place in the treatment of erectile dysfunction sexual adaptation methods occupy patients, aimed at strengthening the single natural or artificial induction (pharmacological) erection viagra sildenafil onlineused to commit intercourse within one sexual excess. These include various vacuum Erector, vasoactive drugs periferichekogo steps to INJECTABLE intracavernous (alprostadil, papaverine hydrochloride, phentolamine) or endouretralnye (alprostadil MUSE) applications, as well as pelleted sildenafil citrate (Viagra). These forms of medical correction shown in Subcompensated and decompensated stages of vasculogenic erectile narusheniy.

Viagra online patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction appointment sildenafil online intracavernous vasoactive drugs or Viagra in combination with psychotherapy can help normalize the psychological status and restore sexual activity. Surgical treatment of impotence shown at the subcompensated and decompensated forms of organic erectile dysfunction. When aterialnoy failure penis and venookklyuzivnoy dysfunction caused by excessive venous shunt, conducted operations aimed at creating additional blood flow to the cavernous viagra online bodies (revascularization of the penis). The most widely used techniques for revascularization Viagra online, Nauri, Kovalev different buy viagra sildenafil online types of anastomoses between the inferior epigastric artery and the dorsal vein of the penis. The essence of operations aimed at correcting violations venookklyuzivnyh (spongiolizis, ligation and resection of the deep dorsal vein, dipping deep dorsal vein dublication albuginea, penile plication legs) is to eliminate the predominant way of pathological venous outflow from the corpora cavernosa. Currently venous surgery techniques are used in conjunction with revascularization in cases of penile dysfunction venookklyuzivnoy.

  • Decompensated form of erectile dysfunction, in particular due to the cavernous (myogenic) failure, cavernous fibrosis, the ineffectiveness of medical therapy and penile revascularization is an indication for falloendoprotezirovaniyu.
  • Modern plastic and especially hydraulic models allow you to simulate prosthetic penis, simulating a natural erection in accordance with the functional need.
  • Copyright Kovalev VA Beer as medicine Some experts say that one glass of beer a day has a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system and erection including.
  • However, it is important not to overdo it 1 cup instead of 2 3 bottles of beer a beneficial buy viagra generic effect on erections.
  • Do not forget this! Morning sex to strengthen and enhance erection, it is recommended as often as possible to have sex in the morning.
  • Would be particularly useful intercourse around 8 9:00 am!
  • The fact that in this period of time the male body produces hormones that promote hard erection.